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Haiku and Senryu

“We write to taste life twice,

in the moment and in retrospection.”

–Anais Nin
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yellow radiance

sun seems a little brighter

watching us today
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simply: LIFE IS GOOD

no matter what: LIFE IS GOOD

difficult tenet

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Beauty never dies

I met her just twice….

(but ”knew” her through my husband)

cancer….. just a “snag”.

Beautiful woman.

Beautiful in her yellow.

Beautiful spirit.

A teacher to all…

about living, and dying,

working and playing.

Beautiful young wife.

Beautiful friend and human.

Beautiful sister.

A teacher to all…

Perhaps this was her purpose!

Doesn’t ease our pain.

Beautiful teacher.

Please pray for her family.

She is at peace now.

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Size matters !

large family…. can

field several football teams

some members will come.

this large family…

lives close; visits… are easy

occasions abound.

our small family…

we are only eleven

hope someone can come.

this small family…

900 miles apart

occasions are few.

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I grew up “with” Michael Jackson

same age as Michael

and the same age as Donnie

just couldn’t decide

poster-covered walls

Jackson 5 and the Osmonds

Bobby Sherman, too

the Monkees were there

a special place for Davey

he still tours, you know!

a birthday present

first stereo and speakers!

“Let’s see how it works!”

“A… B….C…” he sings,

“as easy as… 1…2…3″

volume is cranked up!

that song “takes me back”

to my childhood bedroom…

stereo and stand

dad and I… giggling

Michael belting… A.B.C

two great memories

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That goodbye moment

A n t i c i p a t i o n.

L o g i c. E m o t i o n. A t O d D S.

That “goodbye moment”.
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Lat: 37.948098 and Long: -90.202837


straight and narrow road

gives way to two curvy lanes

locals drive so fast !

lush, green, farmland hills

an occasional farm house

blood pressure– dropping 🙂

must be attentive

thick woods and shadows– shroud deer

they travel in pairs

The scent of smoked meat…

from a personal smoke house.

I wonder what kind.

updated entrance

vandals broke fixture again

such a special place !

spaghetti dinners

quilt sales and raffle tickets

“build” their post office

basketball goals– gone

great for remote control cars

had hopes they would fix

we always turn left

so many houses and names

each– a memory

Our old neighbors… there

that rude priest…over there… and

the only A-frame.

Open garage door

his bright red truck barely fits.

Wow, what a craftsman!

St. Louis friends- there

they discovered this lake first.

shared “heaven” with us.

She warned of the bugs;

he is “ecstatic”– when here.

somehow- made it work

There’s our Realtor–

helped us buy a lot; now he’s

helped us sell our home.

now, over the dam–

Lake Anne is so beautiful !

trespassers– Beware !

“Ah…. hurry, Meyer!”

“Hurry, Meyer”, I repeat.

He came in second.

Executive– there,

high school principal, next door

then, local banker.

Paramedic, and

two volunteer firemen…

some of our neighbors.

Our next-door neighbors–

welcoming and delightful

same– K.C. high school

Same boat- but his worked.

Early morning speed demon…

anchored and read news

Ex-tearoom owner,

and an airplane engineer

they found “heaven”, too.

much time spent working

kids abhor our lake visits

ten years pass quickly

I ‘birthed’ our home’s plan.

Hard to say goodbye, but it’s

time to cut the cord.

leaving– we turn right

more friends, sights and memories

maybe… we’ll see Kate

New house– faulty drive.

Just how could that have happened?

Wasn’t our builder!

Yellow, weekend home,

pontoon boat and Cadillac.

Elderly couple.

Cedar home– too dark.

Glad we didn’t purchase it!

Had musty “lake” smell.

The Taco Bell house–

such an interesting place.

Criminal once owned.

Boat slip under house,

a drug dealer’s get-a-way…

fast boat… his escape.

Plain house, with no trees.

Owner customizes cars

for Jay Leno- yes!

Cute, ”Goose’s Cottage”

hospitality– galore

will truly miss them

She, “loves my husband–

because he is so, so sweet.”

She’s seventy-plus.

Beautiful stone. A

seawall, built by two women–

talented, good friends.

Plantation-style house…

with ever-blooming gardens.

Hoped…. to know better.

community beach,

picnic area and dock

always a party

creek bridge is ahead–

(spot known for water snakes)

trip almost complete

Playground, and pool area–

we never even used once!

Too much work to do.

Small lake on the left.

It’s home to our two turtles.

We are all happy!

Time to bid adieu.

Don’t plan on returning soon.

I stop, and survey…

to the left… the “store”

sells worms and pizza– no gloves

small but functional

to the right…the “sign”

same billboard for these ten years

local Realtor

He’s our Realtor–

helped us find our dream, and he’s

helping us move on.

Work and seldom play.

Our dreams not quite realized.

Hearts in the right place.

It’s now, half past two.

on June thirtieth, ‘09.

New owners have “closed”.


Highway fifty-five at “O”.

Always in my heart.

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Conan O’Brien

Conan O’Brien:

Androgynous look. Coiffure

like Vanilla Ice.

Vanilla Ice- Ha!

A rapper? I don’t think so!

A poor substitute.

Conan O’Brien

Adept talk show host? Nay, Nay.

A poor substitute.

Tarja Halonen

Startling likeness to Conan

Perhaps….. she could…… nah.

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daily seasonality

springtime may be here

but, oh what a thunderstorm

winter memories
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Springtime– home renovation!

cold, dark, long winter

I return home to springtime

memory fails me

little things– delight

bright colors replace the drab

sometimes– giddiness

how could i forget?

it was such a long, long fall…

and lonely winter.

structure is surveyed

support from skilled architect–

re-framing master

home renovation…

problematic joist system

authorized the work
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